Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Food Channel : Tigers MMA India "ishtyle"

Mastveer eating a little ice-cream after a hard afternoon mma workout
I mean Cmon guys , who doesnt love his food ? Shatup all you health freaks ! This blog post is dedicated to all the wonderful food joints that we visit during our mma journey all over the world. Now thats what I call "picture perfect"

A good ol Daniel Isaac smile after a lovely meal in Dubai.

A select few people get to break bread with us at my home in devlali , heres what all you other suckers miss out on when theres a party in Daniel Isaacs house ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Vicky gets to begin and Anup Menon get to smile and watch ...

Weekday afternoon subway salad.

Royler Gracie Black Belt Pedro Schmall eating a crazy combo at the Evolution MMA Mumbai gym : wadapav , lassi , dhokla and chicken ??? what ?

My Max being bribed with an ice-cream before his visit to the vet , what we mean by this bribe is "Max please dont bite the vet !"

Typical saturday afternoon meal after traning , Satinos !

My plate of Chicken dum biryani in hyderabad , the land flowing with chicken and biryani

My lunch snack at Mcdonalds in Hong Kong

Myself and Abhijeets post fight dinner with friends in Hong Kong.This picture is entitled"Burrp!"

A Rare picture of Vicky , Alan and Mastveer with their plates actually empty. And yeah there goes mr Alan Fenandes sending an sms to the cook , saale ! butter lagake !!!

What better a meal to ask for after a hard day at work. My wonderful wife cooks delicious meals like this one every night after I return from training at Golds and Tigers on weekdays. Eat your heart out all you guys who get 'daal chawal" ha ha ha ha

I was in Calicut recently , at this restaurant you get to choose the fish you want to eat and then the cook prepares it the style you want, Yum ! I mean "yum yum yay"

Mr Alan Fenandes caught eating with 'friends' in dubai late last year. Ahem !

Part 2 of the MMA India Food Channel coming soon ... !

BJJ in India [update 28.07.2011] Oron Ben Simon

Grappling instructor at evolution mma and tigers mma academy and pro mma fighter of the tigers international fight team : Oron Ben Simon recently attended another seminar with 'the man' himself , Royce Gracie. On bens request Royce signed a t-shirt as a gesture towards the tigers team in India. Ben is training hard and awaiting another fight in singapore this year.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gym Wars XI : 03.07.2011 , Main event MMA bout

Susovan Ghosh [4/2/0] took on Muay Thai India champ Biswa Dev of Bangalore for the main event at Gym Wars XI , Arguably this bout would qualify for the top 3 most boring fights of gym wars in 2011 until thankfully Susovan ended the fight with a 'muay thai' knee of his own to the bangalore fighter halfway through the second round. Biswa has been promised a rematch with Susovan after the OneFc fight in singapore.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gym Wars Contracts

All martial artists who compete at the "Gym Wars" amateur mixed martial arts tournaments/contests/hard sparring bouts should be well aware that each fighter is required to sign a fighter contract as well as an Indemnity Waiver/Liability Waiver/Indemnity bond [click on the words for definition] and "Right of publicity" consent. These documents are very important both for the fighter and for tigers gym because all Gym Wars video are telecasted on the Gym Wars Youtube Channel. These videos are telecasted to promote the up and coming fighters and provide them with mma fight experience as well prepare for them an amateur fight record before they compete international or at pro events both in India and abroad.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gym Wars XII will feature 8 man tourneys for the -70 kgs and -80 kgs groups

Register your name now if you want to fight in the 8 man tournaments for -70 and -80 kgs mma categories via Fights will begin 11am on saturday 13th august at evolution mma mumbai.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye : boxing makes a statement ?

Yeah the question mark at the end of this blog header isnt a mistake. I just finished watching the klitchko vs haya title bout and heres how it went : The crowd was deafening , the british fans were boisterous [and drunk] almost jumping on their own hero as he made it down to the ring. The promoters tried to make a dramatical introduction leading up to the walkouts but failed miserably [even though they brought down some big names to be part of it like larry holmes] there were some pretty obvious f*$%ups which looked terrible on screen. The only thing i enjoyed was the trash talking from david haye which i guess got him this fight after all. It was absolutely pathetic to see Klitchko cornerman and head trainer Emmanuel Steward literally begging Klitchko to go for the kill. Wladimir looked like he wasnt interested to finish off Haye and preferred to do some wrestling style single arm takles which knocked Haye down to the floor a few times early into the fight. Well ... I did lie to you guys when I began this blog writeup I didnt finish watching the entire fight , as usual i tried my best but couldnt go beyond the 9th round of the scheduled 12 rounder [someone please tell me who won and how he won coz i couldnt bear the suspense] Watching the beginning and the amount of people and celebrities in the stadium I went like "Oh shit looks like boxing is gonna make a statement with this fight" but , sorry guys boxing did make a statement "theres no way we can compare ourselves with mma or even k1 anymore , they are the big players and even though our big fights have the money , they [mma and k1] are the big boys for now. Dana White , my man ! youre the boss and kudos to you for what you have done with the UFC , you have set the standard for everyone and even boxing needs to learn from you ... even with tv production.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Indias Susovan "Lil Tiger" Ghosh to take on Singapore Golden boy Radeem Rahman on 3rd Sept

Brandishing his 4 / 2 / 0 amateur mma record , West Bengal MMA fighter Susovan Ghosh has stepped up a weight class to take on the challenge of Radeem Rahman who is singapores first pro mma fighter. Radeem has a background in muay thai and trains with the top mma team in Singapore - Evolve. Susovan usually cuts weight to fight in the under 55 kgs category in India but will be fighting at his walkabout weight of 58 kgs for this international mma bout which will also debut him into the pro mma circuit. Susovan has a background in shotokan karate and kravmaga and started training mma one year ago at Evolution MMA in Mumbai. Strength and conditioning coach and Managing director of Evolution MMA Jitendra Khare is very proud that Susovan will be the first indian mma fighter to represent the country at One FC. Susovan will be cornered by Alan Fenandes who is Indias most experienced fighter and has competed against the likes of Mark "Beast" Epstein and "Magical" Ray Elbe. Alan has been working with Susovan on his Muay Thai , wrestling and bjj and is confident that Susovan will surprise Radeem in this highly publicised undercard fight. The complete fightcard of the event can be viewed Here and Here

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sambo and Pankration India head stops by to watch ringside action at Gym Wars 11

Grandmaster Suresh Gopi , the head of the SAMBO Federation of India and the India Federation of Pankration Athlima visited Evolution MMA on 3rd july to witness the mma action at Gym Wars 11 , master Suresh was impressed by the talent displayed by the up and coming amateur fighters at this inter club mma event and eagerly cheered on the fighters at the mma and kickboxing bouts.

Gym Wars 11 : Susovan Ghosh vs Biswa Dev

Biswa dev of Muay Thai India took on the challenge to be Susovan Ghosh's opponent at Gym Wars 11. The bangalore based muay thai practitioner tried his best to pull the fight on to the second round until he was cut badly over the eye by a knee to the head. The doctor stepped in to inform head referee Jitendra Khare that the cut was bad and Biswa needed stitches declaring Susovan Ghosh the winner. Rumours are out that a rematch between Biswa and Susovan is expected in August this year.

Gym Wars 11 : Kaushik Sen vs Nadeem Farooqui

Most technical bout of Gym Wars 11 was between Kaushik Sen [New Delhi] and Nadeem Farooqui [Mumbai] , both fighters displayed top level of fighting skill and Nadeem fought hard to clinch the deciding win in the third and final round.

Gym Wars 11 : Sudipto Marik vs Shahul Hameed Mohammed

Evolution mma amateur fighter and BPO executive Sudipto Marik makes quick work of bangalore based kickboxer Shahul Hameed Mohammed at a catchweight mma bout at Gym Wars 11 held on Sunday 3rd July.