Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MMA strength training in Mumbai

MMA training in Mumbai

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gym Wars 13 : MMA in Mumbai , first look results

Bout # 1 : Aswanth T.K [Calicut] vs Vikrant Salve [Thane]
Result : Aswanth T.K wins by TKO at 4mn 01 sec of round # 1

Bout # 2 : Swapnil Barve [Nasik] vs Sumith R [Bangalore]
Result : Sumith R wins by TKO at 4mn 40 sec of round # 1

Bout # 3 : Pranav Mantri [Mumbai] vs Vaisakh P.D [Calicut]
Result : Vaisakh P.D wins by KO at 32 secs of round # 2
Fight of the Night !!!

Bout # 4 : Susovan Ghosh [Mumbai] vs Sharath Babu [Calicut]
Result : fight goes the distance : Draw

Bout # 5 : Rajesh More [Nasik] vs Abhijit Kundu [Chennai]
Result : Rajesh wins by submission [RNC] at 2mns of round # 1
Submission of the Night !!!

Co-main event : Womens MMA bout [Gym Wars MMA India first ever womens mma bout]
Bout # 6 : Ritika Singh [Thane] vs Manjit Kolekar [Mumbai]
Result : Manjit Kolekar wins by TKO at 04 mns 43 secs of round # 1

Main event : Aikido vs Boxing
Bout # 7 : Sachin Bhat [Mangalore] vs Bhanji Mahida [Mumbai]
Result : Sachin Bhat wins by KO at 14 secs of round # 1 [head kick KO]
Picture above
KO of the night !!! best KO of Gym Wars in all 13 events

A detailed report with pictures by Evolution MMA CEO Jitendra Khare
follows soon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Gym Wars 13 Official weigh-ins and rule briefing

Rule briefing with chief Gym Wars official "Big" Jitendra Khare
at Evolution MMA this evening.

The first official women's mma fight and the co-main event
of Gym Wars 13 : Ritika Singh vs Manjit Kolekar

The main event of Gym Wars 13 : Sachin Bhat [Mangalore]
vs Bhanji Mahida [Mumbai] at the weigh-ins and rule briefing

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gym Wars 13 official announcement

Sudipto Marik [MMA] vs Vikrant Salve [Karate]
Sachin Bhat [Aikido] vs Bhanji Mahida [Boxing]
Manjit [Boxing] vs Ritika [MMA]
Plus other exciting action bouts to be announced soon
fighters arriving from Mangalore , Bangalore , Calicut
Chennai , Punjab , Nasik and Mumbai

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tigers Gym contacts :

Daniel Isaac :
CEO of Tigers Gym & Fight Club

Alan Fenandes :
GM of Tigers MMA Academy , Nasik

Jitendra Khare :
CEO of Evolution MMA Mumbai

Sudipto Marik :
MD of Evolution Fitness Mumbai

Auditions and Tryouts :

Ashish Prabhu
email :

India's best MMA fighters battle it out at "The Fight Challenge"

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MMA in India : Gym Wars XIII announcement

Gym Wars XIII Returns to Evolution MMA Mumbai on Saturday 19th November.
Fighter Auditions are already underway. To get a bout at Gym Wars XIII send your resume / fight profile / pic / video to Fighter weigh-ins will begin 5pm on Friday 18th Nov at the Evolution MMA Mumbai training centre. Bouts will start 1pm on the 19th and end by 4pm. Fighters interested to build their record may compete regularly at the gym wars events held every month in Mumbai.